Readers Ignite ~~ How We Started

After struggling for nearly eight years to find INSPIRING books for my children, I decided to open a children’s bookstore!  One that had an inviting reading nooks, and books on the shelves filled with stories of heroes and legends from today and long ago.

But my vision didn't end with only families that could afford to purchase books.  I knew I wanted to work with at-risk children, and help bring the dreams and visions hidden in the pages of books to them, as well.  So I searched out children's literacy charities that focused on suburban Chicago.

Honestly, I was stunned to discover that I could not find any.  I found national groups, groups that help adults, and groups that work in the City of Chicago.

Well, my vision included helping kids, of all ages,and backgrounds, connect to the magic inside books.  So, I decided to launch Readers Ignite. 

Reading is a vital key in allowing a person to grow, and to dream.  Whole populations have been “kept down” by not allowing them to learn to read, or to even have books.

More details to follow, about how we are working to gain ground on literacy issues.....


In Earnest,
Carolyn Carrillo

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