Readers Ignite ~~ 2012 to TODAY!

Reading is a vital key in allowing a person to grow, and to dream.  Whole populations have been “kept down” by not allowing them to learn to read, or to even have books.


Right now, in 2018, there exists a LARGER-THAN-LIFE gap from kids "in poverty" and kids "not in poverty."  The gap is like a CHASM and FAR too hard to cross.  Even in communities with "strong schools," the gap is often 30 points between the two!


This is where our programs help to BRIDGE THAT GAP!


We work with COMM-UNITIES!  Whether an athetic group, a Laundromat, a barber shop, or a community festival, a WIC office, we can help to formulate a program that will utilize the strengths, and add in a literacy component.


Current programs include:

***  Parent Teaching on Raising Readers. These mini-sessions, in waiting rooms, provide a new book and a few "quick tips" on helping a new parent step onto a journey of raising a reader.  The individualized coaching helps perhaps less literate parents feel confident in their vital role.

** Laundromat Storytimes.  Many struggling parents bring their children with to do the family laundry.  Our storytimes bring the idea of reading directly into their typical daily life.

** Athletic Clubs.  Our Books on the Ball Program provides brand-new sport-appropriate books to the Club.  Coaches help the youth pick out their own book as they accentuate the importance of reading.


We have lots of ideas, and ways to help today's youth step onto a reading path.


Your help is desperately needed!  42% of kids, 6 and under, are not being read to in their homes!  Help us help them have a brighter future. 

Carolyn Carrillo
Executive Director
Sources:  Downers Grove District 58 at 28-30%.  Park Ridge District  64 30-31%
Annie E. Casey Foundation,

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